This structure is where you recruit worthless rogues. They're cheap and boy do they fight like it. Your rogues will spend more time in the graveyard than in the battlefield. It's tempting to buy this guild first since it's so cheap, but resist this temptation. It's best to hold off on this one. It's worth building so your heroes can buy poison oil, but just barely. Some idiot that clearly has no idea about the game has written a bunch of nonsenses, build 2, maybe 3, rogue guilds early on, they are very fast, great at exploring and destroying spawns near your base. They also loot corpses and get huge amount of money early on which they gladly spend on your marketplace and blacksmith further improving your economy. Also they do all kinds of tasks for low reward, unlike some other classes. Hurry to upgrade rogue guild as soon as you can and research their stun ability and insidious blow, which will allow them to take on late tier enemies such as dragons and bearman, as they can keep them stunlocked. Make sure to add some cleric support, although only after you have 6-9 rogues running around. Best unit in game, dirt cheap, easy to resurrect, high dmg, rarely dies(due to its behavior, it runs away from danger and pops a healing potion as soon as it gets critically damaged, unlike rangers for example). Most maps can be passed with just rogues and clerics.